It seems like the world has turned into the largest laboratory, with people walking in masks and PPE kits around the world. Not just that, sanitizing supplies have become a new essential, and we all have become overcautious of infection-causing germs. 

Not just that, the amount of extra work required to keep our spaces clean and germ-free has started to take a toll on us in our day-to-day lives. 

  • Is there a way to ensure that our spaces are clean and contamination-free without having to go hysterical in the process? 

Let’s find out.

Why do we need germ-free spaces?

Why not? Especially amidst a life-threatening global pandemic. 

  • A safe environment that is free from contamination can contribute to securing the health of people using it. 
  • In any space, floors are the most contaminated and hence need to focus. 
  • Bacteria can rapidly move and can contaminate food, drinks, and other edibles kept in the open. 
  • Chances of cross-contamination are much higher in spaces that are impure and serve as a harbor to bacteria and disease-causing germs. 

For all these reasons, germ-free spaces should be our priority.

How can you create a germ-free environment?

Don’t you want your simpler, pre-COVID life back:

  • When you didn’t have to sanitize every surface?
  • When every object that was touched by you or someone else? 

Well, that is possible. You are only required to make some smart choices. Check out these amazing inventions:air purifiers

  •  Air Purifiers

These advanced air purifiers are made to help you enjoy a mask-less life once again. These days, air purifiers are not just required in hospitals, labs, or production houses. They are required in homes, offices, and educational centers, and at every place of human activity. 

These machines purify the air of your space, keeping it dust and germ-free for a happy, healthy living. 

  •  Coir Mats

Coir mats are made of the hard fiber present between the outer shell and husk of the coconut. The mats made of coir significantly add to the overall cleanliness of your space by keeping dust, dirt, and germs attached out of the door. 

Additionally, coir matting is 100% organic, low maintenance, and budget-friendly. 

  • Entrance Mats 

Entrance mats are must-haves for people striving for clean, germ-free spaces. These Mats are made from special polymers containing elements that have antimicrobial properties, for example, silver. Entrance mats have been proven to be highly effective in killing a variety of bacteria. 

Having a clean space isn’t a luxury anymore. It has become a necessity for all. Cc matting is dedicated to turning spaces clean and creating a healthier planet by doing our bit. 

To know more about contamination control matting, coir mats, air purifiers, and entrance matting in Ireland, reach out to us today!