Back to School – A Safety Measure That Is Often Overlooked

The Irish Government has said recently that it has made getting children back to school one of their main priorities. However there is still a lot of uncertainty about this and what are the best practices to implement for protecting both staff and students once they return to school in September.

Many new safety measures will have to be implemented in order to help keep everyone safe throughout the school. Classroom management will become an essential part of the reopening plan to ensure that different classrooms do not mix with one another. There will also have to be strict rules in place to ensure that social distancing is being adhered to by all students and staff throughout the day.

The standard hygiene practices that have become our new normal must continue to take place in the school setting. This will include sneezing and coughing edicate, regular hand washing and maintaining social distance.

More Entrances & Exits

Foot traffic will now have to be controlled like clock work in schools like we’ve now seen across many shops, restaurants and other buildings. This is to make sure that no groups can form in corridors and that other classrooms don’t run into each other.

More entrances and exits into a building brings the increased levels of footfall which therefore brings increased risks of potentially harmful contaminants. Implementing some form of contamination control matting is the safest and most effective ways to prevent the spread of outside contamination. Contamination control mats can remove up to 99% of harmful bacteria from the soles of peoples shoes and also from the wheels of any outside trollies.

Placing a Contamination Control Mat at the exit and entrance of each classroom and the main entrance/exits of the school will minimise the need to increase your current levels of sanitation procedures with regards to floor level contamination. This will result in a cost saving to each school. The unique properties of the mat will attract and retain almost all harmful bacteria/contaminants until the mat is cleaned & rejuvenated.

A recent study has shown that 80% of harmful bacteria/contaminants enter your school via the feet or wheels of trollies – according to a 3M study. The implementation of the Contamination Control mat system will almost entirely negate this risk.

Contamination Control mats contain a silver biocide which kills all gram negative and gram positive bacteria including MRSA and EColi and 50 more forms of harmful bacteria.

A Simple Solution to a Potentially Deadly Problem

Outside contaminants can have detrimental effects on any environment which is why it’s so important to do everything you can to prevent. Using the standard safety practice will only do so much so it’s important to implement every available option in order to increase levels of sanitisation.

Contamination Control Mats contain a silver biocide which kills all gram negative and gram positive bacteria including MRSA and EColi and 50 more forms of harmful bacteria.

Get in touch to learn more as to how best keep the students and teachers of Ireland safe by the implementation of a Contamination Control Polymer Mat System.