Silver Biocide kills all gram negative & positive bacteria & helps combat C19. Silver Biocide is a core constituent of CC Matting Polymer Mat Systems.


CC Floating Floor System


The CCMatting floating floor system has all the benefits of both the Worksafe & Heavy Duty flooring systems, however they are loose laid and not semi-permanently installed.

The benefits of this being that the mat can be placed anywhere and moved as per requirements and still provide full contamination control.


Key Features:

  • Ideally suited for raised access floors.
  • Mats are pre-assembled, adhered onto a 1.4mm thick membrane and cold weld edged to our diminishing strip. This ensures no downtime to your facility when installing them.
  • The mats can be moved from location to location in a matter of minutes.
  • Perfectly suited for install to areas that require full contamination control but may have a change of use in the future.
  • The ease of movement ensures the mat is never made redundant – thus ensuring maximum efficiency of use.

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