Silver Biocide kills all gram negative & positive bacteria & helps combat C19. Silver Biocide is a core constituent of CC Matting Polymer Mat Systems.

Features & Benefits

What is a Polymeric Mat?

A polymeric mat is manufactured with a patented polymeric compound and a non migratory plasticizer, creating a natural tack and proven to retain up to 99.9% of foot and wheel borne particles from entering your critical areas.
The high tack surface is slightly conforming which allows a concentrated loading of particles as you walk or traverse across the mat with a trolley.

These properties enable the surface to attract, collect and retain particles ranging in size from over 100 microns down to a few nanometers.
The mats also function due to a phenomena known as van der wall forces, a high level of short range electromagnetic forces.

To enhance the performance of the material special additives are mixed in to give static dissipative and anti-microbial properties. The anti-microbial properties are due to the an addition of a silver biocide which is impregnated during manufacturing.
This ensures it is non-leaching and non-diminishing. The silver biocide is capable of killing over 50 forms of gram negative and gram positive bacteria including MRSA, E Coli, SARS and Listeria.

Benefits of Polymeric Mat:

• 100% Recyclable and has a very low environmental footprint.
• The mat is still effective after 8 overstrikes not like a tacky mat which is no longer effective after 2.
• 4-5 year life cycle.
• The polymer in the mat is totally non-volatile and non-toxic which makes it safe for all cleanroom classifications.
• Full 2 yr warranty
• Simple cleaning procedure, clean with a mop and squeegee dry. The cleaning process removes the contaminants from the mat rendering it like new.

CC Matting Heavy Duty :

The CC Matting heavy duty polymer mat is the strongest most durable polymer mat in the world with a point load bearing of 130kg/cm2. All of our current customers employ the use of the heavy duty range in their warehouses and areas where forktrucks or motorized pallet trucks are utilized to eliminate the ingress of harmful particulate into their critical area.

Install Procedure:

We do not use subcontractors to install our mats, it is all completed by our own inhouse personnel who are fully trained and competent on the process. The mats are stuck to the floor with a semi permanent adhesive film.
A diminishing strip of 3mm profile is then applied to all sides to ensure the mat is a non trip hazard and also to aid with aesthetics. The mat is chemically sealed to the dim strip and the dim strip to the floor to ensure it is a totally sealed surface and it is not possible for any contaminants to harbour benath or under the mat.
This ensures there will be no possible way that your EM counts can ever be adversely affected.