Silver Biocide kills all gram negative & positive bacteria & helps combat C19. Silver Biocide is a core constituent of CC Matting Polymer Mat Systems.


Keeping your precious products, staff and contractors safe.
Ireland has a long association with the life sciences industry. We have built on a track record of manufacturing excellence into areas such as supply chain, shared services and technical customer support. Our historic track record and the availability of experienced deeply skilled industry professionals helps Ireland stand out in the life sciences arenas.

From Irish-born medtech start-ups that went global, to long-established biopharma multinationals that have made the island their home, the life sciences industry has become an impressive beast in Ireland, with more than €10bn of capital investment and nearly 9,000 jobs predicted for the industry by 2020.

Contamination is a major and growing concern in cleanrooms, critical areas and controlled environments of any life science facility. The life science industry in Ireland is of huge importance with regards to the products they produce and the level of employment it provides. For this reason, it is essential to utilise our range of contamination control mats throughout any life science facility to protect, staff, contractors and quality of product produced. 

Polymer mats should become an integral part of any life science facility cGMP’s to reduce microbial and particulate contamination to help your company meet its highest standards and FDA mandated bacterial counts.

Benefits of Contamination Control Mats in a Life Science Facility:

  • Ensures total particulate and bacteria contamination removal before entering your clear room or critical environment with six full steps
  • Provides an electrostatic proof barrier before entering your critical work area
  • Life cycle of 4-5 years if properly maintained
  • Full 2-year replacement guarantee
  • Huge cost saving in comparison to peel off mats
  • Aesthetic improvement in the appearance of your workplace
  • CC Worksafe/Heavy Duty Mat is recyclable and environmentally friendly
  • Anti-Microbial – Silver Biocide kills 50+ organisms including MRSA & COVID – 19.

Contamination in A Life science Facility:

Although contamination from foot, wheel and airborne particles is often dismissed as simply ‘dust’ or ‘dirt’, the dangers it poses can be devastating. Contamination in the life science critical environment can have a major impact on quality, product yield, effectiveness and profitability. 

According to a 3M study 80% of contaminants/harmful particulates enter the critical area of a life science environment via the feet or wheels of trollies. A contamination control mat supplied and installed by CC Matting will provide 99.9% protection from these harmful particulates over 6 falls of the feet.

The high tack contamination control mat is made of a polyester polymer with a polyester fabric backing. The properties of the cocktail of materials used in the sophisticated manufacturing process together create a material that has a very optically smooth, soft and supple surface with a natural tack and a high level of short-range electromagnetic forces, known as van der Waals forces.

These properties enable the surface to attract, collect and retain particles ranging in size from over 100 microns down to a few nanometres.

To enhance the performance of the material special additives are mixed in to give static dissipative and anti-microbial properties.

All CC Matting contamination control mats are totally non-volatile/non-toxic – which makes them suitable for any grade of area. Also, there is zero outgassing from our mats ensuring they are optimally suitable for use in any life science facility.

All of these properties combine to ensure that your life science facility is being optimally protected for both your staff and contractors alike. There is no other proven method in the world today that can remove 99.9% of potential harmful particulates/contaminants from the feet or wheels of trolleys.

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