Silver Biocide kills all gram negative & positive bacteria & helps combat C19. Silver Biocide is a core constituent of CC Matting Polymer Mat Systems..


Protecting the ones we love
Nursing homes contain vulnerable members of our society and it is important that we do all we can to protect them. Having the proper procedures, practices and equipment in place will ensure that the residents at a nursing home are kept safe.

In order to reduce the risk of potential harmful particulates and outside contaminants entering a nursing home it’s important to make sure you stop it right at the front door. Often hand sanitisers are the “go to” tool for reducing the spread of germs but many people often forget about the amount of contamination they bring in via the feet or wheels of trollies.

Recent studies have shown that over the space of a week a single pair of shoes can collect up to 440,000 units of bacteria. Having a proper contamination control mat in place ensures that 99.9% of all bacteria/harmful contaminants is removed from the sole of someone’s foot before entering into an area. Our silver biocide ingredient is totally anti-microbial and is proven to kill 50+ organisms including MRSA & COVID-19.

Contamination control mats are the most effective way to reduce the spread of any harmful bacteria and contamination throughout a nursing home facility. Our contamination control mats all come with a 2-year replacement warranty and are also extremely easy to maintain and keep clean.

Not only are contamination control mats extremely easy to clean and maintain they can also last up to 5 years if they are maintained correctly. They are also a much cheaper option as well since they do not need to be replaced every few weeks in comparison to peel off matts.

If you’re looking to limit the spread of potential infection and contamination within your nursing home then get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your options and what we can do for you with our contamination control matting.

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