With the Covid-19 restrictions being lifted and more businesses are returning to work it’s important that employers do all they can to ensure they can create a safe working environment for their employees whilst still maintaining high productivity levels.

Implementing the proper safety procedures is fundamental to creating a safe workplace. Ensuring that all employees are properly socially distancing and that they are wearing the proper safety equipment if they are in close proximity to one another. The equipment you implement into your workplace can be pivotal for the safety of your employees so we’ve compiled a short checklist of the main safety products you need to have.


If you’re operating in the food industry or handling delicate materials you need to be wearing gloves at all times to avoid any potential cominants entering your products or equipment. Unfortunately, studies have shown that COVID-19 can be transmitted from hands to surfaces quite easily. Wearing gloves in cleans rooms or sensitive areas is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the disease and harmful contaminants.

Face Masks

Face Masks are another essential item to have your employees wear. If you’re working in an enclosed space it’s important to wear masts to avoid any close contact transmission. Using the right type of mask can protect you from COVID-19 but it can also protect others from COVID-19 if you have it yourself.

Hand Sanitisers

Implementing hand sanitiser stations around your workplace are essential to ensure that everyone is keeping their hands clean at all times. Hand sanitisers should be available from the moment you walk into the building and efficiently spread out throughout the facility. You should also ensure that all surfaces are whipped down to avoid any potential spread of contaminants.

Contamination Control Mats

While many businesses often focus on getting their staff to wear facemasks and sanitise their hands they often neglect what hazards can be brought in from peoples shoes. Buildings with high levels of footfall bring an increased risk of outside contamination entering into cleanrooms and it’s not just peoples shoes you need to worry about. Trollies can also bring in outside contaminants that can make their way into sensitive areas of a building.

Implementing some form of contamination control matting at the front door is the best way to prevent 99% of outside contaminants entering a building. Mats that contain Silver Biocide kill all gram negative & gram positive bacteria and C-19. Silver Biocide is a core constituent of CC Mattings polymer mats. Our polymer mats contain silver ions, which have naturally occurring antimicrobial properties. Silver has been used for hundreds of years to prevent the growth of bacteria.

As the silver biocide is added to CC Matting polymer mats during manufacture, it is not something that can diminish, for example if were applied as a coating instead and provides longer lasting effectiveness against microbial growth.

The silver ions within the biocide bind to the bacterial cell wall, and thus prevent growth by damaging it. The bacteria can no longer grow as their DNA has been damaged and they can no longer replicate. They can no longer produce energy either and therefore die.

Silver is inorganic and non-leaching which means, unlike organic antimicrobial technologies it stays within the item it is added to and provides effective and lasting antimicrobial protection without allowing bacteria to develop resistance.

Silver ion technology has been independently tested in over 2000 applications and has been proven to reduce the growth of over 50 harmful organisms by up to 99.9%.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can protect your clean rooms and staff from potentially harmful contaminants.