St James hospital is one of the largest and busiest public hospitals in Ireland and it also has Ireland’s largest Intensive Care Unit too. Along with being one of the largest hospitals in the country this brings with it a number of different challenges regarding contamination control. 

There is a constant flow of footfall throughout the entire hospital from patients, staff and visitors creating a very busy working environment. Hospital floors are a breeding ground for bacteria to thrive and the soles of peoples feet make for a perfect vehicle to transport and spread any potentially infectious and harmful bacteria around the building. This is especially dangerous when there are large volumes of foot traffic coming in and leaving a build and becomes even more serious when there are acutely ill patients in the facility. A recent 3M study revealed that 80% of contamination enters critical areas via the feet or wheels of trolleys. 

St James recognized that this was a potential problem and decided to act on it by implementing one of our contamination control system’s, which removes 99.9% of contamination from the feet or wheels of trolleys(they also attract/retain & kill MRSA, E-coli & 50+ other forms of harmful bacteria).

CC Matting installed 4 mats in total for St James Hospital. 2 of our mats were installed in the FDU department and another 2 were installed in Hollybrook Nursing home.

The mats are made from a polyester polymer, the particle retention of the mat is based on its liquid smooth surface, which allows greater contact with the mat from feet or wheels. The high tack surface is slightly conforming, which allows a concentrated loading of particles and remains effective after continuous overstrikes in the same area. 

The mat is completely non-volatile/toxic and suitable for any grade of cleanroom/facility. 

All of these properties enable the surface to attract, collect and retain particles ranging in size from over 100 microns down to a few nanometres.

Here at CC Matting we understand that these are challenging times for hospitals and healthcare facilities. We’ve also recently completed an installation for The Bon Secours hospital in County Cork. CC Matting also recently donated and installed our contamination matting in Marymount Hospice. These mats will add another layer of protection to help againsn’t the spread of bacteria or infections among staff and patients.

CC Matting has also recently been ISO 9001 certified. This is great news for our growing company and providing a level of reassurance for our customers that our high standards are backed up by a world renowned stamp of approval.

Our contamination mats can be implemented into any facility or building nationwide. If you’re looking to add an extra layer of protection to your workplace then get in touch today and we’ll be more than happy to help.